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Without Worry Canine Education

About Us

Experienced | Supportive | Professional

"We need essential projects designed to bring excellence to dog guardians. That's what I believe Without Worry Canine Education will represent in the dog training and parenting landscape."
(Marco Adda, Canine Researcher & Educator)

Meet The Team

Without Worry Canine Education is the brainchild of Lisa Hird and Dale McLelland, accredited canine behaviour specialists with over 40 combined years of teaching experience.

Dale McLelland: Co-director

Dale McLelland specialises in the assessment and treatment of unwanted dog behaviour. Based in Ayrshire, Scotland, she runs her own business "Being Canine" as a practising canine behaviourist. She is an ICAN Certified Animal Behaviourist and Certified Animal Trainer, and an INTODogs Certified Canine Behaviourist and Certified Dog Trainer. 

Dale uses non-aversive, positive reinforcement dog training methods to provide effective and practical behavioural advice. The statement "train with the brain not with pain" is one that particularly sums up her ethos. Her philosophy is all about you having fun with your dog.

Lisa Hird: Co-director

Lisa Hird is a practising canine behaviourist and runs her own business "Dog Behaviour Clinic", in Lincolnshire, working closely with local vets. She is an INTODogs Certified Canine Behaviourist and Certified Dog Trainer, ICAN Certified Animal Behaviourist and Certified Animal Trainer, and an accredited Fear Free Dog Training Professional.

Lisa believes in relationship-centred training and consideration for the individual dog.

Marco Adda: Affiliate 

We are delighted to have Marco Adda as our affiliate and collaborator. Marco is an Independent Researcher, Dog Behaviour and Wellbeing Consultant, Educator, Animal Advocate and Rescuer, with a significant background in social work, bodywork, human development and team building. He is a Professional Member of the International Society for Anthrozoology (ISAZ) and the Animal Behaviour Society (ABS) among others, and Founder of Anthrozoology Education Dogs & Canines (AEDC), Portugal Focus animal Help, Integral Neurosoma and other projects. Marco also runs his own courses under the AEDC.

Janice Macleod: Affiliate

Janice Macleod is a Registered Veterinary Nurse with over 10 years’ experience working in first opinion small animal veterinary medicine. She also gained a BSc (Hons) VN from Napier University in Edinburgh as part of her studies. Janice developed a special interest in behaviour early in her career and was put to the test introducing adopted cat Sid to adopted cross breed Freya. As you can see, introductions were successful!

Janice is an enthusiastic promoter of close communication between veterinary and behavioural expertise when working with dog and their guardians, with a special interest in pain management. She is currently studying towards recognition as a CAM (Canine Arthritis Management) Advocate. She also takes a keen interest in promoting sensitive, compassionate and low key handling as well as environmental and management strategies to reduce stress for dogs attending the veterinary surgery for consultations or as inpatients. 

Mike Barnett: Affiliate

Mike Barnett is a canine behaviourist who specialises in the field of investigation of alleged dangerous dog incidents and assessment of dogs that are alleged to be banned breeds under the Dangerous Dogs Act, or where dogs have been seized as allegedly being Dangerously Out of Control. He has an extensive knowledge of both Dog Law and investigatory procedures such that his expertise is regularly sought by legal professionals.


Mike has been instructed by many legal practices and has appeared in both Magistrates and Crown Courts throughout the country as an expert witness. He not only acts in the United Kingdom but also internationally. He can be contacted through ourselves at ‘Without Worry Canine Education’ or via his website Orion Dog Services.  

Alison McHendry: Affiliate

Alison's passion for animals, learning about animals and improving their lives  led her to set up Samadhi Canine Therapies in Fenwick, Ayrshire.

Alison is a qualified canine behaviour specialist but also wanted to help dogs in pain or with health conditions. This led her to qualify as a Galen Myotherapist.  Galen Myotherapy is a specific complementary canine muscle therapy specialising in treating postural and loading issues as a result of muscle imbalance and muscle dysfunction and can help all dogs throughout their lives whether for health reasons, for sports and agility or for general maintenance and wellbeing.

Galen Myotherapy is a choice-led treatment.  This means the dog is never restrained, and they have a choice in the treatment.  The treatment takes place on the floor or low level and they always work with the dog, respecting their decisions.


While Alison enjoys learning from courses, most of all, she loves learning and working with the dogs and building a trusting relationship.

Our Story

Having discovered a similar approach to techniques, advice and ways of working around dogs, Lisa and Dale decided to use their joint expertise to develop a unique range of accessible, online blended training programmes. Concerned by the lack of regulation in the dog training industry, their aim is to help more dog guardians avoid the harmful information that is often found online.

Dale and Lisa are both passionate about supporting and helping dog guardians and their dogs to get the very best out of their lives together.

"We only use positive, relationship-based training and do not support the use of coercion, aversives or punishment."

(Dale McLelland & Lisa Hird)

Our Purpose

Carry out an internet search for an unwanted behaviour problem and the search engines will give many solutions. Sadly, many of these solutions are inaccurate, incomplete, or even downright dangerous.


Without Worries Canine Education aims to help widen access to quality, effective but fair training, demystify the world of canine behaviour, raise awareness of fear and pain free training alternatives and strengthen and improve the relationships between dog and guardian.

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