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Without Worry

Without Worry Canine Education is the brainchild of Lisa Hird and Dale McLelland, accredited canine behaviour specialists with over 40 combined years of teaching experience.

Having discovered a similar approach to techniques, advice and ways of working around dogs, Lisa and Dale decided to use their joint expertise to develop a unique range of accessible, online blended training programmes. Concerned by the lack of regulation in the dog training industry, their aim is to help more dog guardians avoid the harmful information that is often found online.

Carry out an internet search for an unwanted behaviour problem and the search engines will give many solutions. Sadly, many of these solutions are inaccurate, incomplete, or even downright dangerous.


Without Worries Canine Education aims to help widen access to quality, effective but fair training, demystify the world of canine behaviour, raise awareness of fear and pain free training alternatives and strengthen and improve the relationships between dog and guardian.

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Craig Ogilvie

Struggling to fit in as a child, Craig found comfort and confidence in the company of his Grandad and his police dogs. Craig spent much of his childhood with his late Grandad and remains eternally grateful to him for nurturing his natural ability to interact and communicate with our canine companions.

Feeling a little secluded from children of his own age, Craig spent much of his time when not with his Grandad reading and studying about dogs of all shapes and sizes. He soon became completely fascinated and admittedly even a little obsessed with dog behaviour.

Although, as he got little older he managed to adjust well through high school and fit in, his fascination with dog behaviour continued.

In his late teens, Craig met a very experienced dog behaviourist who quickly spotted Craig’s natural talents with dogs. The dog behaviourist would become one of Craig’s mentors and take him under his wing. From this point onwards Craig’s knowledge and practical skills with dog behaviour, training and management began to excel.

Craig has continued to gain a wealth of experience working to help human and dog teams to overcome a huge range of behavioural problems, problematic behaviours and training challenges.


Annie Phenix

After being heavily involved for more than 20 years in rescuing and retraining hundreds of dogs from every Central Texas animal shelter, I’ve seen just about every behavior that a dog can offer.

I owe my deep understanding of canine body language and canine communication to those 400-plus dogs I have fostered and trained, as well as to the thousands of client dogs I have worked with. I’ve achieved a high level of training with my once semi-feral Border Collie siblings, Radar (CGC, CGCA, B.A. and Canine Masters with Honors, Birch, Anise and Clove ORT) and Echo (CGC, CGCA, B.A.,Canine Masters with Honors and a Certified Therapy Dog).

I am a graduate of an intensive, Schutzhund-based canine training academy where I was taught how to use the shock collar in punishment-based canine training (telling the dog what he is doing wrong). After learning the ins and outs of a shock collar and after witnessing all kinds of dogs endure this kind of training, I never again put a shock collar on a dog. I choose to be a positive reinforcement trainer (telling the dog what he is doing correctly/using a rewards-based system) because it is not only humane training, I see no need to harm or scare a dog when I am able to get a high level of obedience and understanding from any dog.

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Robert Falconer-Taylor

Robert has worked in the veterinary profession for nearly 30 years, as a partner in an innovative small animal hospital group and as a locum. Alongside his role in day-to-day clinical medicine, Robert has also been very much involved in the management, communication, and education side of veterinary practice. During this time, he was directly involved in the conception and implementation of computerisation into the profession. This included a cross-fertilization with the human healthcare system in the UK and the development of cross-platform coding and classification systems for disease identification, tracking and surveillance. This is now an integral part of the World Health Organization’s One Health initiative.

​Robert teaches and consults around the world along with writing for the veterinary and other professional press. He is also author of the informative PET CPD Blog, published on this website, which has been taken up and endorsed by many training and behavior organizations all over the world. Robert is currently working on a book and on the development of a range of accessible online education resources for the companion animal community.



Our courses are  carefully designed to give you many opportunities to practise your practical skills and work through plenty of fun tasks with your dog. 

From learning theories to super fun tricks and games, you will gain many skills and become better equipped to think on the fly to get the best from all your training sessions.

For professionals, aspiring dog professionals, and dog lovers alike,  we hope you will join the fun, understand the science and train like a master!

This gives us an exciting opportunity to offer this multi-faceted course at a special introductory offer. Receive 30% off today with this code SPECIAL30

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