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Select your membership option to become an INTODogs Member.

Intro Membership:

This membership is of value to dog guardians, dog walkers, groomers, vet techs, students and those just out of college and looking to be part of an organisation whilst gaining their hours, knowledge and support from peers. This level of membership is also ideal for those getting back into the industry and those that just don't feel ready to make the leap into full accreditation but would like to be involved.

Trainer Member: For those who are working professionally in the area of dog training.


Behaviourist Member: For those who have a formal dog behaviour qualification equivalent to level 5 or above, who are working professionally with dogs.  


Please note the £40 fee is the admin fee for the application. Once processed you will be required to attend a zoom meeting. On acceptance you will be provided your logos, certificates and invoice. 

On approval the following fees apply :

Trainer £110.00 annually

Behaviourist £140.00 annually

Renewals are in August of each year. 

If you would like to upgrade from Trainer to Behaviourst between renewal dates there is a small fee of £25 to cover the admin costs.

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