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INTOEthics Committee of INTODogs consists of a co-ordinator and three other impartial professionals.  The key role of INTOEthics Committee is to investigate all reported ethics concerns.

Only complaints that provide evidence of violations of the INTODogs Code of Practice by an individual member of INTODogs will be considered by the INTOEthics Committee.


This form is to provide notice of your intention to raise a concern.

Please download this form and email it to This form is your initial point of contact.


Please attach a short description of the concern that will be forwarded to our committee who will then contact you and provide you with an opportunity to submit your formal concern.

All concerns must be raised within a three-month period to ensure an investigation can take place if necessary.

Please wait for a response in relation to your concerns regarding an INTODogs member. Do not contact any of the members directly as your case will be dismissed.

If you are unhappy with the decision you can appeal. Any complaints or concerns that have been appealed against will be looked at by the UK Dog Charter Oversight Committee who will then make an independent judgement. Please refer to for more details. 

The committee does not have jurisdiction to handle cases against non-members. If your concern involves a member of another organisation, you will be required to contact that organisations Ethics committee and follow their guide lines.

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