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Caring for the carers

INTORescue has been created to provide animal rescue workers and supporters a supportive community, with compassion at its heart.

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Kate Roxburgh embarked on her animal welfare journey at 24, managing an animal rescue in Kent and adopting two wolf hybrids. Recognizing their unique needs, she relocated to Montana, delving into wolf biology through a year of study and an internship at Wolf Park, Indiana. Her dedication to animal rescue led her to South Central Los Angeles, where she managed a rescue initiative, while also volunteering at Westside German Shepherd Rescue and saving 'red listed' dogs facing euthanasia. A decade ago,


returned to England, applying her extensive experience to become a certified dog behaviourist and trainer. Furthering her expertise, she recently earned a degree in veterinary physiotherapy. A passionate animal advocate,


embraces a vegan lifestyle, actively supports animal rights, and holds respected positions as a member of INTODogs and chair of INTORescue.

More about us


INTORescue provides: Accreditation and Support for Personal Career Development with access to educational resources. Targeted emotional and mental health well-being and a safe networking environment.


You can get involved in a number of different ways, all of which are equally important. Whether you become a member of INTORescue, can offer support or resources to members, or just want to make a difference.

To find out more or contact us go to:

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