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About our membership:

The INTODogs logo is an assurance that our members will provide honest help with the welfare of the dog uppermost. Our ethical standards are high, and we abhor the use of force, domination, shouting, equipment involving force, fear or coercion or any other form of cruelty or disrespect.

Our members are accredited by meeting a strict criterion and proving their knowledge and skills to a high level in various formats.


Our Accredited Canine Behaviourists:

Our behaviourists are required to provide a high standard of knowledge and understanding via:

An online application to show knowledge.

Their understanding and management skills via the submission of 3 in depth case studies carried out within the previous year.

An online interview with committee members via video.

Proof of up-to-date insurance.

Professional references.

Our Accredited Canine Trainers:

Our trainers are required to provide a high standard of knowledge and understanding via:

An online application to show knowledge.

A submission of videos to show their skills in training and working with clients.

An online interview with the committee members via video.

Proof of up-to-date insurance.

Professional references.


Once a member has been accepted, they are required to renew on an annual basis. These renewals require written proof on continued professional development, min 35hours for Trainer / min 40 hours for Behaviourist. In some cases, we may also require a reflective essay, a skills video, a case study or a live interview to ensure everyone competently meets the criteria set.

All of this is to ensure they are knowledgeable in modern methods and able to provide clients with the confidence they deserve when choosing someone to work with their dog/s.

All our members use either ACB-KSA, (Accredited Canine Behaviourist, Knowledge & Skills Assessed) or ACT-KSA, (Accredited Canine Trainer, Knowledge & Skills Assessed) after their names and can be found on our members map –


For further details on membership requirements please go to



We will continue to educate ourselves and our members to achieve the highest standards of knowledge, so that we are able to pass this on to our clients. We will always put the needs of the dog squarely at the centre of everything we do. We will always support the needs of the dogs care givers. Veterinary personnel know that all INTODogs members are happy to work closely with the referring practice, giving them the confidence they require to recommend our members to offer help to their clients.


Clare site2.jpg

Clare Grierson    ACB/T-KSA

I am Clare, founder of Muddy Mutleys and an Accredited Behaviour Practitioner and Animal Trainer.

I am passionate about my work with animals and love nothing more than watching the human canine bond developing with mutual understanding and respect through education and positive, evidence based and proven training methods.

Andrew site1.jpg

Andrew Hale ACB-KSA

My name is Andrew Hale and I am a Certified Animal Behaviourist , working with a clinical behaviour approach. 

I have nearly 15  years working in dog behaviour and this experience, along with many years of study and qualifications, which means I am well placed to give you the very best quality advice and support for you and your dog. I am proud to be the behaviourist of choice for many of the local Vet practices and receive referrals from a range of other leading professionals. I have 100's of 5 star reviews over multiple review sites, including Google and Facebook.

Ceri site 5.jpg

Ceri Foscoe ACB/T-KSA

Hi - I'm Ceri!   I'm a Certified Canine Behaviourist and Dynamic Dog Practitioner. I have  studied and met many dogs with various issues.  My job can be devastating, frustrating, dirty, smelly, frightening and sometimes dangerous and certainly emotionally draining. However, I get to spend time with amazing people helping them resolve their problems with their amazing dogs. I get to watch them grow in confidence and skill sets - yes I have the best job in the world!

Colin site 6.jpg

      Colin Spence        ACB/T-KSA

Hi, my name is Colin Spence, let me tell you a bit about myself. I have over 20 years’ experience with dogs in a professional capacity. I have helped clients with a wide range of behavioural and training issues, such as dogs who; showed aggression due to a number of underlying reasons such as fear, had compulsive tendencies or phobias, separation anxiety, poor recall, high prey drives, suffered with resource guarding, to name a few. All this alongside also assisting clients in coaching their dogs to be the best they can in fitting into today’s modern society, building a strong relationship and an ability to listen and respond to cues, such as sit, down, come and settle.

Sally site4.jpg

Sally Lewis ACB/T-KSA

My name is Sally Lewis. I am a Certified Canine & Animal Behaviourist, as well as a Certified Family Dog Mediator. I use an ethical and reward-based approach based on empathy and mutual trust between yourself and your dog, exploring your dog’s individual needs. I help you to understand their behaviour, factors contributing to behaviour, and how we can support your dog to behave differently. I only use methods led by the latest science, so you can be sure that you are in good hands. I hold multiple qualifications in canine behaviour, including a Level 5 Diploma in Canine Behaviour, as well as qualifications in Canine Communication, Training, Anxiety, Fear, L.E.G.S® Applied Ethology, Canine Health and Nutrition, Canine Anatomy and Physiology. I am a proud member of The Association of INTODogs (Behaviourist and Trainer) and The Pet Professional Guild (Canine Training Professional). I am also a published author on the topic of dog behaviour.

Avril site7.jpg

Avril Young ACT-KSA

My name is Avril, and I hold my PCT-A accreditation through the Pet Professional Accreditation Board. I am a full training member of several organisations renowned for their "do no harm" ethics, holding me accountable for both theoretical and practical skills. I commit to continual personal development each year to stay at the forefront of ethical dog training.

Puppies are my passion, and I am here to help you through the "pupodile" stage. Together, we will introduce foundational skills to help you and your puppy learn and grow together. Teenagers need a little extra help and support as they go through the next phase of their learning, and I love nothing better than working with dogs and their noses!

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